Artlu Media Net

media. publishing. networking. modeling.


Video. Audio. Web Design. Seminars. Presentations. Music. Software Prototyping. Advertisement. Adult.
AMNC provides global media services to fit every client's needs.


Virtual. Physical. Books. Magazines. Blogs.
Utilizing years of relationships, AMNC provides independent authors and writers an integrated platform to launch their books and market them.


Marketing. Social. Local. Mobile. Global.
AMNC utilizes industry specific relationships with various entities to make every project a success with an appropriate marketing budget.


Casting. Men. Women. Glamour. Swimsuit. Boudoir.
Building an in-house client database is essential to AMNC's success in casting professionals for various jobs.

Good design is innovative.

The possibilities for innovation are not, by any means, exhausted.

art·lu: Ultra backwords. Derived from French. A quality of going beyond the normal to the extraodinary such that it is a piece of ultra art. Founded in 1998.

We believe that every client and every project is unique. We ensure that we elevate the customer experience to the realm of art because art is ethereal. We are a global design and media production company that specializes in publishing. Our main office is in Tampa, Florida, with satellite offices in:
Prague, Czech Republic
Porto Alegra, Brazil
Milan, Italy.

Design and client relationships are art. Art is a branch of the human mind that utilizes the imagination, and only through the imagination do we attain creation. Therefore, the employees of AMNC bridge the gap between two worlds. We are the artists and we are the engineers. We fulfill your project goals with unique ideas and unique concepts that no other media firm can provide.

Good design is aesthetic.

Only well-executed objects can be beautiful.

Website, Blog, Book Marketing DETAILS
Website, Design, Blog, Book Marketing DETAILS

The Market is not Random. (Unabridged, First Edition)
non fiction publishing: digital, hard cover, soft cover DETAILS
The White Swan (Contradiction)
fiction publishing DETAILS

Global HQ

301 West Platt Street, Suite 86
Tampa, Florida 33606